How we work

Collaborative work environment with our clients

We provide consulting services to both Advertisers and Publishers and then we act as Agents introducing US based ecommerce Publishers with European Advertisers. We retain a portion of payouts made by the Advertisers to the Publishers as a commission for bring the two parties together. Usually there are several hundred advertisers and publishers working on a campaign. When a US based Publisher conducts a agreed upon campaign for a given Advertiser or group of Advertisers, the European based advertiser determines the payment owed for the performance of the campaign and forwards the money to us.

We accumulate Advertiser payments in Euros and the issue payment cheques to each separate US Publisher in US dollars for the sum they earned for delivering the marketing they agreed to, less our commission which is negotiated and differs with each advertiser and publisher.

In an average month, our projection is to accumulate 8 to 12 payments from our advertisers valued at about 500,000EUR to 750,000EUR. Funds are then transferred to our banks accounts in North America for payout to Publishers in US dollars.

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