Online Advertising

We pride ourselves on being able to develop comprehensive marketing strategies.

Online advertising is a dynamic Industry that is constantly evolving. Promotional messages or marketing can be delivered to potential customers in many ways.

In 2011, Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. surpassed those of cable TV and nearly exceeded that of traditional Network TV. This trend will continue and will make online marketing an area of constant growth and opportunities.

The Industry is divided among Advertisers, who are looking to sell products and or services and Publishers that control or represent Websites, Social Media accounts, Email and SMS mailing lists and other online distribution and marketing channels.

Our focus will be in the expanding market for Promotional Codes, Web Syndication, Twitter Feed promos, CAPTCHA marketing and Error messages.

Industry Definitions

Web Syndication

Where website and other electronic content is made available to many other sites in the form of summaries or updates ( like latest news or company and product developments).

Promo Codes

It is basically the coupons of the internet. Can be distributed in a variety of methods including Promo Code websites, pop up banners, CAPTCHA, promoted Twitter accounts, SmS lists


It is a method by which a program can determine if a user is a human or an automated system. For fees, Advertisers can pay to have their brand, service or product be the typed portion of the CAPTCHA test.

Error Messages

It could be anything but typically invalid searches. The resulting error message can include a custom message from an Advertiser promoting a product or service or even a call to action such as joining an email list.

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing lists of sms numbers to distribute daily or slow day specials. Also used to distribute mobile coupons that have some of the highest redemption rates.