Current Marketing Techniques

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Web Syndication
Web technology has evolved to allow distribution of content (pictures, diagrams, graphs, product descriptions, service details). Advertisers create articles or information pieces that contain teasers about their products or services. This content is then distributed by Publishers through their networks with the aim of having new potential customers click the icon which will send them to a website with more sales information. The click through may even lead to simply adding the customer to a email or sms mailing list.
Promo Codes
These Internet coupons can be used to provide different encouragements for customers to purchase products or services. These can be distributed via clickable banners, email or sms mailing lists or web syndication. Promo codes can also be distributed via Twitter.
Type-In Advertising
Users are prompted to prove they are human using CAPTCHA by typing a word related to an Advertiser. If the user does not use the option to type in the word or slogan chosen by the Advertiser, an advertisement plays. If the advertisement is viewed for at least 30 seconds, the advertiser pays the publisher.

Sample transaction

Our Advertiser or group of Advertisers have need to introduce a new product or service from their European market to the US. A campaign of a combination of Promo Codes, informational articles via Web Syndication, Error Message mailing list prompt and Daily Special direct Text Marketing campaign program is developed. Typically, our Advertisers collaborate and act as a buying group in bulk. We connect the advertisers with Publishers that have access to the above marketing channels who distribute the campaign throughout the US.