Our customers

We’ll connect you to your prospects and customers.

Advertisers looking to expand their reach of their products and services are our primary customers. These can be companies that sell straight to the public or are working in co-operation with others to create marketing groups. Typically, they have established markets and are looking to expand. Our targets, through industry contacts are European advertisers looking for expanded market share in North America and primarily in the US. Advertisers we represent act alone or as a collective.

Advertisers want to reach relevant customers and markets. Therefore they want to connect with Publishers that have lists and techniques that are most pertinent to them for maximum cost effectiveness.

Publishers are individuals and entities that have over time built marketing networks mainly with websites they control or own and mailing lists built from people voluntarily signing up via email or SMS based on specific interests. We have extensive contacts with hundreds of Publishers all over the US.

Typically, Advertisers propose offers (or advertisements) to Publishers. Pay for Performance marketing is the norm so the Publisher is paid when they are able to deliver a desired result for an Advertiser.

An example could be an Olive Oil co-operative looking to expand by having Promo codes delivered to potential customers or an information click through about their product via Web Syndication.